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    Preparing a paper, creating a presentation and designing a poster for a conference can all be daunting activities, but by planning ahead and getting some basic skills, the process can run more smoothly. The IT Learning Programme has courses that will give you all the skills.

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    Relational databases can provide a powerful way of managing your data, and there is a wide range of learning material available to help you learn to use it. Our databases teacher suggests pathways to lead you through the resources you need.

  • playlist | Oxford only

    This varied library of on-demand videos will help you develop your IT skills

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    This module is for those with no programming experience who either want/need to take one of our programming courses, or who are just curious about some of the concepts involved in programming.

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    This session provides a non-technical introduction to the basic principles and mechanics underlying work in any computer language and gives general guidance in what to look for when evaluating project proposals and coding progress.

  • course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

    Learn to create spreadsheets that are efficient, easy to understand and reliable.

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