Microsoft Office: Free software for students

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Microsoft Office 365 for Students at Oxford University

Student copies of Office 365 Pro Plus are now available Free of Charge as downloads from our Kivuto hub at

All users must be signed in to view products available to them. Subscription products will only be displayed during the subscription period arranged by IT Services.

Please Note: Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students is available as a 12-month subscription. After a year, students will be required to verify their student status on this site upon renewing their subscription by signing in (again) on this site. Staff will not see Office 365 Pro Plus for students but can still buy the very reasonable work at home versions.

Please note that this service is being delivered by Kivuto on behalf of IT Services so all support queries need to go to or 0800 098 8436 (11am to 11pm UK time) or by filling in the online support form.