LifeGuide: Managing behavioural interventions

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LifeGuide is a community that is developing and making available software that researchers and therapists can use to create, use, and evaluate internet-based behavioural interventions.

Researchers can use the free software to design and manage internet-based, tailored advice and support plans, for example to deliver health advice to a group of users and monitor the use and effect of the intervention. The advice delivered can be adapted to fit the user's answer to questions. Users can plan, check and chart their progress. The software can help the researcher manage their user group, for example by sending out reminder messages to the users and by randomise users so they are offered different options. The software will also store store all data on user responses and website usage, which will be useful when analysing the results.

The LifeGuide software is free. By joining the community, researchers can not only download the software but also access help materials, discussions, and examples of how others have used the software. They can also upload and monitor their own interventions and allow others to see their schemes.