Conferences: Getting ready

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First, write your paper:

If your tool of choice is Word, then the two most relevant courses are:
Word: Building long documents
Word: Charts, pictures and diagrams

If you need to include complex diagrams you might want to investigate Adobe illustrator:
Illustrator: Introduction
Illustrator: Creative tools and techniques

If your paper is equation heavy, or has complex formatting, you might want to consider using LaTeX in place of Word, so perhaps come along to:
LaTeX: An introduction to document preparation and
LaTeX: Further document preparation

Now create your presentation:

If your PowerPoint skills are limited, you can hone them on our introductory course:
PowerPoint: Fundamentals sessions, but when you are ready to create a presentation that will do justice to your work, come along and learn the potential of PowerPoint (and get inspiration if you use other presentation tools):
PowerPoint: Getting the message across

...and will you need a poster?

If you need advice on the layout for an academic poster, come along to:
Presentations: Creating conference posters using PowerPoint

We use PowerPoint in the session to illustrate the ideas, but if you would prefer to use a desktop publishing tool then you could learn the basics of either InDesign or Scribus:
InDesign: An introduction
Scribus: An introduction to desktop publishing

Self study?

All of the above are taught courses, delivered every term. At these courses you have access to an expert and you can ask for advice about your particular needs. However, many of the resources are downloadable for self-study. Search the Portfolio for the relevant term and refine your search by ticking the Course pack option on the left of the results window.