Stata: Statistical, survey and graphical analysis

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This module covers a number of key areas in Stata. You will learn about the analysis of survey data and how to make graphs. How to perform common statistical analyses is also covered, although the emphasis is on the Stata commands and interpretation of output rather than on teaching statistics.

The previous two Stata courses would be a good starting base, however broader statistical and methodological knowledge is also expected.

  • Carrying out common statistical analyses in Stata (correlation, t-tests, chi square, tab chi, OLS, logit, probit, postestimation commands)
  • Analysing survey data in Stata
  • Testing survey means, proportions, totals
  • Focusing on sub-populations
  • Making graphs and graphics in Stata
  • Histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, box and whisker plots, pie charts, scatter graphs