Nexus: Organising and sharing calendars and contacts using Outlook 2013

  • Outlook 2013 icon course pack | Oxford only | v. 2013

A short course introducing the Nexus service for Outlook users. Nexus is the University 'groupware solution' which provides a range of integrated services such as email, calendars, contacts, and task management. The course will show the use of both the web version of Nexus (OWA) and the Outlook email client specifically.

You will learn about creating and sharing contacts. Find out how to share your Nexus calendar and how to use your calendar to plan meetings. You will look at delegating access to your Nexus mailbox and folders.

  • Inviting others to share your Outlook information
  • Accepting sharing invitations and viewing folders
  • How to share you folders with others
  • Granting delegate access to your information
  • Add the mailbox of another person to your account
  • Working with delegated folders