Databases: User-friendly databases using Access (not a current course)

  • Access icon course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

This course shows you how to build a user interface consisting of a set of forms, clearly laid out and helpfully formatted, along with tools for easy and quick navigation, using Access.

Starting with a set of related tables you have already built (see the previous course “Databases: Building a database”), you will learn how to create the tools that make the database usable and interesting.

You will create a family of forms that make the database usable by human users: they enable people to work safely and meaningfully on the data. You will add special controls and features to help your users to enter and edit data correctly, and in particular to work on related data in several tables. You will see how to provide a welcoming interface for your users, with helpful buttons and a clear, easy way for navigating between forms and reports.


Note: These materials were used with a previous version of the course. For current materials, look at "Data management: Databases - user-friendly database design".